Nail and Spa Services

New Beginning Pedicure / Manicure

Pedicure $58 / Manicure $46

We not only focus on the nourishment of your skin, but provide an overall experience of relaxation. Relax with our warm, hydrating moisture masque and then finish with a paraffin dip.

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Stress Fix Pedicure / Manicure

Pedicure $48 / Manicure $36

Combining the power of foot reflexology and our stress fix aroma, which is infused with organic French lavender 'lavandin' and clary sage. We will help melt away the stress.

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Caribbean Pedicure / Manicure

Pedicure $48 / Manicure $36

Be carried away to the Caribbean with our relaxing Caribbean manicure and pedicure. You will receive a sea salt exfoliation and then relax with our warm, exfoliating seaweed masque.

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Aroma Journey Pedicure / Manicure

Pedicure $38 / Manicure $26

This express service is made for those short on time but in need of a quick pick-me-up. Choose from a variety of AVEDA's singular note aromas.

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Gel Polish / Add-Ons

Gel Polish
Gels $26
Gel French $36
Gel Removal $16

Gels $16
Natural French $11
Single Use Paraffin $16
Polish Change $16

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